Interview in SoundValley by Kelly Dillahunt

Poet. Rapper. Optimist. Generous and compassionate human. All of these adjectives describe Jonathan Brown, but they aren't enough. Some people are magic; Jonathan is one of them.

I met Jonathan on the Midwestern leg of his last tour, in the dead of an Ohio winter. Hailing from the south, Jonathan had never encountered such a harsh winter. -19 degrees, snow drifts up to your knee, ice, hail, wind. All of it in a rented van because his car went belly up part-way through tour. Shows were cancelled or rescheduled, his tour path rerouted. January is a hard month. But Jonathan, who currently resides in New Orleans, met all of it with enthusiasm and wonder. I saw him perform three times during that Midwestern winter run, and each time, his set was compelling.

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Jonathan Brown